What time does the gate open?
12pm Thursday, May 2nd

Does it get cold at night?
Yes is can get very cold. We recommend bringing layers as temperatures drop to low 50’s at night.

When does the music go until?
Main Stage music goes until 12am each night, live sets in the barn go throughout the night.

Does my ticket include camping?
Yes, all tickets include free camping. High demand camping areas will be filled on a first come first served basis however all ticket holders are guaranteed on-site camping with the purchase of their ticket.

I’m having a ticketing question or issue.
Email us at info@deepsummitfest.com

When do I have to leave?
You should be packed out by 2pm on May 6th.

What should I bring?
You’ve done this before. You know the drill. Bring camping supplies, a valid, government issued ID, food, water, clothes for warm and cold weather, and whatever other supplies you typically bring camping.

Wait. I have to bring water?
Yes. We recommend bringing two gallons of water per person per day because Deep Summit is fully off the grid.

Will there be showers?
There will be a limited quantity of showers, fed by spring water, which is limited, so there will be a fee. However you are more than welcome to take a dip in the pond or creek nearby. That being said, we do request that you do not use the pond or creek as a restroom.

Will there be other activities?
In addition to running music almost around the clock, we are working on providing a variety of other activities including yoga and short hikes.

Can I help out?
Yes! We are accepting volunteer applications. Head on over to the Get Involved section of our site to sign up!